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Dr. Krubeck has consistently provided excellent care and advice while adding a layer of light humor that make you forget you are after all visiting a dentist. I was so happy with Dr, Krubeck that I suggested that my spouse consider a change of doctors. After her first visit, she was eager to make the change permanent. We have both been patients of Dr. Krubeck for the last seven years , and have never looked back. I would recommend Dr. Krubeck to anyone.

Luis C.

Kimberly Krubeck:
Is knowledgeable in the art, science and practice of dentistry
Is a perfectionist in her work
Works alone, does everything --cleaning and repair--herself --with skill and ease, and concern for your comfort
Is invested in your Teeth, and home care. (This is not as silly as it sounds.) She will persuade you to develop good habits, good home care so as not to incur costly and painful dental procedures
If, however, you require costly and painful dental procedures, she will refer you to other first class practitioners and/or surgeons.
Has high likeability --is attractive, charming, and has a wonderful sense of humor

Dr. Krubeck's office is:
Well-appointed --full of daylight, crisp and comfortable.
Spotlessly clean
Sans spittoon

Lee H.

Pablo likes having you as his dentist because you scold him but never belittle him for not flossing. He says you do a thorough and really good job and that you are caring and kind.

Both of us like that you only do what is necessary on our teeth and don't make up work just to make money.

The reason I like visiting you, not to mention the fact that you crack me up and our conversations can be lively and insightful, is because you love your job. Because you love doing what you do, your interest and concern for us, your patients, is of the highest quality and I know that we're getting the absolute best care possible. I just love that. How often does that happen when you go to a medical professional?

Another reason for me is that you let us be in the room when you're working on Michael's and Eric's teeth. That's huge to me because when I was a kid, I had to go into the dentist's office alone and it was scary!

Christina D.


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